Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

This week I celebrated my first birthday in Hong Kong. Overall it was a very good one. Over the weekend I had brunch with a group of friends and felt good about having 14 new friends around the table.

At work, word got out that is was my birthday, so did word that I love elephants so while I watched the World Series in a conference room my friends embarrassingly decorated my desk with balloons and elephant pictures. I also got some really thoughtful gifts from my coworkers including the following:
-Printer paper sized box full of Asian treats. I have no idea what any of the snacks are but look forward to trying them
-A leaf sitting in water in a martini glass. Apparently it grows into a plant. I'm skeptical. So far on Day 2 is still just looks like I have an alcoholic drink on my desk with a leaf stuck in it.
-3 cute necklaces they got from a local market.

The night of my birthday I had a low key dinner with friends and stayed up late talking and drinking wine. It was a good day here combined with lots of nice messages and calls from friends away. AND the Giants won the World Series! What's a better birthday present then that?


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