Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Wednesday in Photos

A glimpse at a typical Wednesday in Hong Kong:

My co-workers love me or, well, they like me and I think they are a little afraid when they know I am stressed out. So, they bring me presents all the time. The presents are pretty much always food. One day I came back to my desk from a meeting and found these.

Here is Taro Bubble tea which I can best describe as Taro flavored milk. It has my favorite Tapioca balls aka Bubbles at the bottom. Problem is the drink only comes in this huge size, I can never drink it all. My favorite flavor is actually the Milk Tea flavor but for some reason they thing I like Taro so that's what they bring me all the time. Also pictured is a Hong Kong egg tart. This is a signature Hong Kong treat. It can be eaten for breakfast or for dessert and is an egg-y custard inside a somewhat flavorless crust.

Here is a picture I snapped on my commute home from work today. MTR is always packed. The person with the sign's sole job is to make sure people don't charge the train. The train runs every minute and still it gets this crowded at rush hour.

This is the view from my apartment building at night. 45 floors up on the roof is the perfect place to watch the Hong Kong light show - a lazer light show that happens every night at 8. All the buildings light up and are timed to music. If you watch it down by the harbour you can hear the music but you can see the buildings "dancing" from anywhere high enough!

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