Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 1 in Hong Kong and already a couple of funny things have happened:

#1 - I'm living temporary on the 13th floor of a building in Soho. There is one flat per floor. After unpacking I go dressed and ready to go out for the day. I took the stairs down to the ground level only to find myself trapped outside in an interior courtyard. It was hot, I was confused, I was waiting for a ninja to jump out at me. After a confusing few minutes I found the door to the building staff breakroom that has access into the lobby. Imagine the surprise of the front desk people when the new girl in the building popped out of their break room.

#2 - Once I made my way back into the building I composed myself, found the correct exit and made my way downstairs to go outside. I'm about to set outside when I feel SMACK! I ran right into the floor to ceiling glass wall that looks out onto the street. The noise reverberated through the lobby and my tinted moisturizer left a forehead print on the glass. A group of elementary school kids saw the whole thing and the front desk guy came running downstairs asking if I was ok. I was wishing someone else was there to laugh at it with me.

#3 - I went to what's called a Japanese Home store to buy some essentials - hangers, paper towels, adapters. These places are packed from wall to wall, floor to ceiling with stuff. I spent 20 minuted just looking around the 400 sq foot store before finding anything I needed. I did finally find adapters to convert my US appliances into a compatible plug for the HK outlets. I bought 5 thinking I was going to be all prepared. Well, I get home with my 5 adapters to realize I bought the completely wrong kind, I bought what would convert an HK plug into an Italian plug. Sono stupido. So I go back to the store. The people don't speak English but were very nice and let me do an exchange even though my new adapters were less expensive. I get back home with my 5 new adapters, go to plug one in and they are the wrong size too! They are too narrow for the plug. So here I am with 5 adapters, not sure when I can even use them. At least with the others I would be totally set next time I'm in Italy.


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  1. Busy day! I also wish I had been with you when you did the wall face plant.